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There are three main parts to a query: the statistics, or the quantities that are being queried; the conditions, or which plays to consider; and the groupings, or how the statistics are grouped (either in rows or columns).

[statistics] [conditions] : [rows] / [columns] For example, passing yards in 2012 : player / week

The statistics and the properties (which can be used as conditions or groupings) are listed below.


These are the different types of (unofficial) recorded statistics that can be queried. See the introduction for more information.

Games recorded by a team or a player. For a player to be recognized in a game, he must record one of the other statistics.
  • games
Winning games recorded by team or a player.
  • wins
Losing games recorded by a team or a player.
  • losses
Tie games recorded by a team or a player.
  • ties
  • passes
  • pass attempts
  • passing attempts
  • completions
  • passing completions
  • passing yards
  • pass yards
  • pass yds
  • passing yds
  • passing tds
  • pass tds
  • passing touchdowns
An interception thrown by an offensive player.
  • ints
  • picks
  • interceptions
A sack allowed by a passer.
  • sacks
  • times sacked
The (negative) yards lost on a sack by a passer.
  • sack yds
  • sack yards
The number of carries. “totes” is courtesy of Al Michaels.
  • carries
  • runs
  • rushes
  • rushing attempts
  • totes
  • rushing yards
  • rush yards
  • rushing yds
  • rush yds
  • rushing touchdowns
  • rushing tds
  • rush tds
  • fumbles
A fumble lost by a player recovered by the opposing team.
  • fumbles lost
  • receptions
  • catches
  • receiving yards
  • receiving yds
  • receiving touchdowns
  • receiving tds
A first down or touchdown acheived by an offense.
  • first downs
Offensive plays by a team.
  • first down attempts
First downs awarded to an offense by penalty (e.g. due to defensive pass interference).
  • first downs by penalty
Spikes by a quarterback to stop the clock. These plays will also count as a pass attempt.
  • spikes
  • qb spikes
Kneel downs by a quarterback to run the clock. These plays will also count as a rushing attempt.
  • kneels
  • qb kneel downs
  • kneel downs
  • qb kneels
An interception recorded by a defensive player.
  • interceptions caught
  • fumble recoveries
  • field goal attempts
  • field goals attempted
  • attempted field goals
  • fg attempts
  • field goals
  • field goals made
  • made field goals
  • fgs
  • missed field goals
  • field goals missed
  • missed fgs
Blocked field goal attempts by a kicker.
  • blocked field goals
  • field goals blocked
  • blocked fgs
  • punts
Successful two point pass conversions.
  • two point passes
Successful two point receptions.
  • two point receptions
  • two point catches
Successful two point runs.
  • two point rushes
Failed two point conversion pass attempts.
  • two point passes failed
Failed two point carries.
  • two point rushes failed


Each recorded statistic is associated with a set of properties based on the player, team, play, or game. You can use some of these properties to limit the scope of your query (e.g. "passing yards in 2012") or you can split the statistics into rows or columns using one or more properties (e.g. "passing yards : season"). Most properties can also be bucketed, meaning that values within a certain range will be grouped into the same row, column, or cell. See the introduction for more information.

The team that recorded the statistic.
  • by dal
  • by gb
  • by dal or gb
The opposing team to the team recording the statistic.
  • vs dal
  • vs green bay
  • vs green bay or dal
The player who accumulated the statistics. Note that using the condition will match multiple players with the same name, e.g. "by adrian peterson". The players can be disambiguated using other conditions (e.g. "by min") or by splitting on player, (e.g. "rushing yards by adrian peterson : player").
  • by peyton manning
  • by peyton manning or eli manning
The NFL season.
  • in 2012
  • in 2010-2012
The week number. When combined with the season in a condition, these properties must be specified together.
  • in week 1
  • in 2012 week 1
  • in week 1 2012
  • in week 1-4
  • in 2012 week 1-4
  • in week 1-4 2012
The home team of a game.
  • at dallas
  • at dal
  • at cowboys
  • at cowboys or at giants
The away team of a game. This cannot directly be used in a condition, however, the "team" and "home/away" properties can be combined to achieve the same effect. For example, "by dallas on the road"
An NFL game. This cannot be directly used in a condition, but each game has a unique season, week, and home team. For example, "in 2012 week 1 at nyg".
The down of a play.
  • on 1st down
  • on 1st
  • on first
  • on 1st-2nd down
  • on 1st-2nd
  • on first-second
The distance to gain for a first down or touchdown.
  • on 1st and 10
  • on 1st-4th and 10
  • on 1st and 10-5
  • on 3rd and 1-5
The field position of the line of scrimmage of a play.
  • from the offense's 20
  • from the defense's 20
  • from the 50
  • from the offense's 20 yardline
  • from the offense's 20-offense's 40
  • from the offense's 20-50
  • from the offense's 20-defense's 20
Whether the team that recorded the statistic was home or away.
  • at home
  • on the road
The relative score for the team recording the statistic.
  • while up 7
  • while tied
  • while down 7
  • while up 1-8
  • while tied or up 1-8
The time remaining in a game at the start of a play.
  • with 2:00 left in the first quarter
  • with 2:00 left in the first half
  • with 2:00 remaining in the 1st quarter
  • with 10:00 left in overtime
  • with 2:00-0:00 left in the first half
  • with 2:00-0:00 left in the first half or 2:00-0:00 left in the second half
The yards gained on a given play.
  • gaining 5 yards
  • gaining 0-5 yards
The quarter a play was in.
  • in the first quarter
  • in the 2nd quarter
The minute a play was in.
The half a play was in.
  • in the first half
  • in the 2nd half
The time left in the half.
The time left in the quarter.
The listed position of a player. Every player has exactly one listed position, so some players who play multiple positions can confuse this.
  • by qb
  • by qbs
  • by rb
  • by te
  • by wr
The player's height.
The player's weight.
The player's birthdate.
The player's age.
The player's rookie season.
The player's years of experience.
The winning team of a game.
The losing team of a game.
The net final score (e.g. 3 point win).
The winning team's final score.
The losing team's final score.
The offensive team on a play.
The defensive team on a play.
The current score of the offense on a play.
The current score of the defense on a play.